Drawbridge - SSH Config management for Jump/Bastion hosts

In our architecture we have many environments (test/stage/prod/etc), and each environment can have one or more shards, usually broken up by datacenter/avaliablity zone (us-east-1, us-west-2, etc). Each of our shards are protected by Jump/Bastion hosts, auditing and restricting SSH access to internal components.

For ease of use, tunneling into bastion host protected stacks is usually done by adding entries into your ~/.ssh/config file, however when you start adding dozens of entries, it can be confusing and time consuming.

A while back I made a post on /r/devops asking for help finding a tool that would manage/generate ssh config files for all our jump/bastion hosts.

There was some interest (and great discussion), however no-one submitted a tool that solved the actual problem.

Since that post, I’ve worked on an open source tool that implents everything required to work with Bastion/Jump hosts efficiently as a Developer or member of Operations. Its available now on github: Drawbridge

Here are some of its features:

  • Single binary (available for macOS and linux), only depends on ssh, ssh-agent and scp
  • Uses customizable templates to ensure that Drawbridge can be used by any organization, in any configuraton
  • Helps organize your SSH config files and PEM files
  • Generates SSH Config files for your servers spread across multiple environments and stacks.
    • multiple ssh users/keypairs
    • multiple environments
    • multiple stacks per environment
    • etc..
  • Can be used to SSH directly into an internal node, routing though bastion, leveraging SSH-Agent
  • Able to download files from internal hosts (through the jump/bastion host) using SCP syntax
  • Supports HTTP proxy to access internal stack urls.
  • Lists all managed config files in a heirarchy that makes sense to your organization
  • Custom templated files can be automatically generated when a new SSH config is created.
    • eg. Chef knife.rb configs, Pac/Proxy files, etc.
  • Cleanup utility is built-in
  • drawbridge update lets you update the binary inplace.
  • Pretty colors. The CLI is all colorized to make it easy to skim for errors/warnings

You can read more & download it from Github [https://github.com/AnalogJ/drawbridge]

I’m always open to PR’s and feature requests. I’d also love to hear any feedback you guys may have

Jason Kulatunga

Devops & Infrastructure guy @Gusto (ex-Adobe). I write about, and play with, all sorts of new tech. All opinions are my own.

San Francisco, CA blog.thesparktree.com

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