Server 2008 Run Application as a Task

Task Schedule works great in WHS 2011 (free an simple)

Server Manager (near start menu)

Drill down to, Configuration, Task Scheduler click Create Task. (not the Basic one) Give it name, click Run whether user is logged in or not, configure for - Windows 7, 2008 Triggers Tab

New, (drop down menu) Begin the task at startup, click ok Actions Tab

New, Start a program, Browse (to .exe) click ok Conditions Tab

Uncheck the box that says to Stop the task if ran for 3 days. (so it runs forever) Back to General Tab

Click ok and it will prompt for Administrator password Click Task Scheduler Library (underneath Task Scheduler in Server Manager from step 1)

Run it ! (should work when you reboot too) I see my program running in task manager, so far so good!)


Jason Kulatunga

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